How To Clean Your Air Filter

We get asked this question frequently, first off maintaining your air filter is one of the most important yet simplest maintenance procedures to perform on your saw. With heavy use this task should be done frequently or you will begin to notice a decrease in performance and a saw that runs "rich", too much fuel in the mixture. Additionally over time small particles may begin to enter your combustion chamber and prematurely wear the engine.

First of all remove your filter:

  • DO NOT use a wire brush or other course tool on your filter, remember the skin (exterior) of the filter is sensitive and abrasive action can cause damage which will allow material to enter into your saws carburetor and engine which will cause damage.
  • If possible blow off carefully with compressed air at low pressure from the clean side (inside out) of the air filter. Most air filter are two halves which can be separated for cleaning.
  • If you have heavy dirt/grit caked into the filter, wash the filter with a non-flammable solution or warm soapy water.
  • Do not clean with a brush as this will force dirt into the filter and wear the filter material.
  • If the filter has been thoroughly cleaned and there is still a noticeable reduction of power, install a new filter.
  • If the filter material appears cut or worn to the point small particles can get by, replace filter.